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Suomispam is a reputation database for IP addresses deemed likely to send spam in the Finnish language.

Large global blacklists do not always have a good coverage of smaller countries and linguistic areas. That coupled with increasing levels of Finnish spam have created the need to improve collection and distribution of reputation data about the senders of Finnish spam.

Note that Suomispam by itself does not block email or operate a database of personal data. It only provides a list of IP addresses that we consider probable sources of Finnish spam. Operators of mail servers may or may not use that information to block the actual messages.

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We consider spam to mean UBE, i.e. unsolicited bulk email. If the message was unsolicited and bulk email, it is spam. It is not relevant to this definition wether the sender is breaking an actual law in his/her country.

Note that if the recipient is a named person (even if in someone's employment), unsolicited spam is illegal in Finland most of the time.


We often notify the operator of the network about spam causing the listing, but that is not guaranteed.

The plan is to start sending explicit notifications of Suomispam listings to registered abuse addresses in the future, but currently such explicit notifications may or may not be sent.

Listing criteria

The type of sending host is estimated before a listing. If the sending host is deemed suspicious and/or spam focused, the listing may be immediate. If the sending host is a shared mail server with likely significant non-spam-related use, we give the operator some time to fix the problem.

If an operator is known to support spam or if they have previous listings, we reserve the right to list addresses immediately.

Whole networks may be listed if they appear to be significant sources of spam, snowshoe ranges or otherwise have allocated a lot of IP addresses for spam.

Almost all spam is illegal to some extent, but that is not a requirement for a Suomispam listing. Our listings do not depend on the interpretations of officials or courts. Suomispam is a private reputation service and is comparable to restaurant reviews in a way.


IP addresses will be delisted once we believe the spam problem has been dealt with. Usually a notification by the operator about clearing the problem is sufficient. Egregious cases of spam may require proof that the flow of spam has actually stopped. If the operator continues to provide support services (such as webhosting) for the spammer, delisting might be delayed as a safety precaution.

Old listings may be rechecked every now and then and delisted if they no longer seem to be likely sources of spam.

Using Suomispam

The main list of Suomispam is available for normal light use as a DNSBL. Just point whatever software you use to

The secondary list containing spam sources with significant non-spam use are listed in they gray list It should not be used for direct blocking of email, but it is aimed to be useful for scoring likely spam. Note: gl is not currently actively updated but may or may not provide useful information.

In addition to IP listings, we also provide a domain blocklist It can be used to check for domains known to be related to spammers / used in spam.


At the moment the only way to contact Suomispam is to send email to

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